The Ordinary ” 100 % Plant-Derived Squalane ” Review

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As with my previous post, I’m continuing with the round #2 of The Ordinary reviews. I’ll try to continue posting 2 posts per week, since I have a lot of unpublished posts. Products I’ve used and reviewed in the past, I’d say, 8 months. I long ass blog break – I know. 😀 As you probably know from Gram Stories, while I use a product, I usually write my remarks in a notebook and make photos, so I’m now pretty much just putting the text together for each post with the pictures. 🙂 So without further a due, here we go again with –  The Ordinary ” 100 % Plant-Derived Squalane “ Review ! 🙂

Of course, skippity skip segments you find boring 🙂 :



Like with the whole The Ordinary collection, you’ve got the standard, clean, white packaging. The oil comes in a dark-brown, UV protective glass bottle with a dropper. Same MO as with the serums. Again, the quality of packaging is on par with the price tag – basic and sturdy. As usual, bilingual instructions on the packaging ( English & French) with 30 ml of product made in Canada, and a shelf life of 12 months after opening.

About the product & the ingredients

So, you’re getting an oil (duh), that can be used on your skin over water-based products, but that can also be used on your hair as for light heat protection & split-ends prone hair. A pretty universal product when you look at it, since you can use it on your skin & hair.

So, you probably saw mentions of Squalane oil, but also of Squlene oil, as well – right ? Yeah, well, they are technically two different things. So, Squalane oil is derived from Squalene. If you were wondering what’s Squalene oil, I’ll explain it to you now. Part of the story is a bit yucky, but, hey, let’s get crackin’ – shall we? 😀

Squalene is a lipid very present in nature. It can be found in plants, vegetable oils coming from rice, bran, olives, amarath seeds, sugar cane, beet, etc. Now, besides plants, it is also produced by animals. When it comes to us humans, you can find it in our skin’s sebum, thanks to our sebaceous glands. But, one of the biggest natural manufacturers that used to get very exploited, were sharks.

Humans have been hunting sharks for their liver oil, do to its alleged healing property. (Hence the name, since “squalus” is the genus of sharks). Now, unlike fish, sharks lack an “air bladder”( similar to our lungs). To maintain themselves at a certain depth without excessive swimming, sharks use their liver filled with an oil ( squalene is its major component).


So, Squalane is … ?

Squalane is a saturated form of squalene. It’s in our skin, though as we hit 30, its production levels slowly decrease, making the skin more dry. It also protects the skin from lipid peroxidation ( free radicals suck up electrons from the lipids in our cell membranes, resulting in cells damage) do to its exposure to UV rays and other ionizing radiation (other shitty ass rays).

These oils are no longer so often of animal origin, which makes Squalane oil mainly plant-derived as well. There is also a synthetic version of Squalane, that you can get from yeast cells.

Unlike Squalene, Squalane is more stable and isn’t as prone to auto-oxidation like squlene ( plain english, air/oxygen and sometimes UV = poof ! or BOOM ! depending of the product that oxidizes xD). It has been used since the 1950s as an emollient and moisturizer.

Other benefits?  – Squalane oil is also considered antibacterial, great for sensitive skin and non-comedogenic. Its been videly used to treat skin issues such as seborrheic dermatitis, acne, psoriasis, atopic dermatitis,age spots, pigmentation , scars, etc.


This is a very runny, transparent oil, with no smell. What I love the most is just how light it is. You won’t feel that heaviness an oil can have sometimes. Sinks into the skin nicely, had no issues with it whatsoever, since I do have combo skin and I’m prone to clogged pores. I used it in two ways – as a massage oil & also when I felt like my skin needs that extra “umpf”, when it felt a bit dry and tight this winter. The way I used it at times was beneath The Ordinary NMF cream and my skin LOVED IT . When it comes to doing a massage, I practice the “Gankin” method, patented by Japanese brend  Suqqu  ( together with RMK owned by  E’Quipe Ltd ).

Instructions for this massage are available online, so if you’re interested in it, just click on this link. The new instructions are a bit simplified now, so I’ve made some screenshots of the older version that I use. Btw, I turned 30 last month, so facial massage is a must for me. 🙂 This facial massage is great for muscle relaxation, improving circulation, depuffing, sculpting & wrinkle prevention. 🙂


Of course, let’s be real, there are days when I feel like a lazy ass and I can’t be bothered doing all of this 😀 . That’s when I usually use my facial roller from The Body Shop.

Now, Deciem didn’t specify on their website nor bottle, from which plants they make the Squalane oil. I contacted them via email, and a nice lady replied that it’s derived from Sugar Cane & Beet.


Absolutely ! 🙂 The oil is light and effective, in my opinion good for all skin types. It’s also pretty cheap, (comes at around 7.20  ) compared to some other Squalane oils on the market. I bought my oil via BeautyBay . To be honest, I’m not sure why there is such a significant difference in oil price (probably based on the plant that they derive it from) but they all work by the same principle. So, if you’re on a budget, definitely check this one out. 🙂 For these kinds of products ( oils based on a single ingredient that isn’t so rare/expensive) you don’t need to spend a lot of money in my opinion ( save it for some nice oil blends ). 🙂

That’s it my folks !

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Some of my references (because I believe in transparency & lack that blogger’s trip in hiding their info resources 🙂 ) :

 Sethi A, Kaur T, Malhotra SK, Gambhir ML.

Indian J Dermatol. 2016 May-Jun; 61(3):279-87. doi: 10.4103/0019-5154.182427. Review. PMID: 27293248 Free PMC Article.

¡ En mi blog, pueden preguntarme sobre los productos tambien en español, en la sección de comentarios  ! 😊

Disclaimer : I bought these products with my own money, all opinions are solely my own. I’m not affiliated with the mentioned brands or companies. Keep in mind I’m not a dermatologist, chemist or pharmacist. Also, what worked for my skin, won’t necessary work for yours.

For further disclaimer information, please visit my Terms & Conditions   page.

The Ordinary – ” Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA ” Review


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Sorry for not being quite active with the blog in the past few months, but I’m getting back to it at full speed ! I’ll be also changing some things regarding the posts and their format, just to spice things up. Writing solely product reviews is a bit boring and too plain for my taste, so keep an eye on some new and exciting changes ! 🙂 Reviews are still of course the core of this blog, so with that being said, here comes a product review from the long-awaited The Ordinary round #2 haul and the  ” Natural Moisturizing Factors + HA ” cream . Of course, skippity skip whatever section you want ! 🙂





When it comes to The Ordinary creams, most of them come in a standard, plastic, grayish-off white squeeze tube packaging. Nothing fancy schmancy. Description in 4 words – basic,simple,efficient and clean. The flip top is also pretty sturdy. The cardboard box is again the same as with all of their products. (I’m pretty much repeating myself in this section of the review each time xD ). As usual, you get 30 ml of product, made in Canada, with a shelf life of 12 months after opening. On a side note – You can also get a bigger tube, containing 100 ml of product.



About the product & the ingredients



Ok, so, when I first saw this product, like most people I thought that this long ass title was just that – a long ass title. But, boy was I mistaken. ” Natural Moisturizing factors ” a.k.a NMF is an actual thing. You’re probably thinking now, so – What the hell is that ? In short – Something that our skin already has and will receive with wide open arms when applied topically. Once again, some of you will be like : ” Huh? “. Well, no worries, I’ll break it down for you. 🙂

When we’re young, our skin is smooth and supple. Why ? Because, our skin has all these components that help her from the inside, to look and feel like that. Now, water has a huge impact on that, especially in the top horny layer (a.k.a stratum corneum) of the skin’s epidermis. In plain English – the surface of our skin. Unfortunately, water can evaporate very easily ( somethin’ called transepidermal water loss a.k.a TEWL) . To prevent that from happening, we need something that will fixate water in that horny layer. This way, our skin won’t end up looking dry, dehydrated or scaly.

Imagine an event and a celebrity walking down the aisle. You know those crowds of ecstatic, yelling fans? And the bodyguards that form a living wall around the carpet, to prevent the fans from getting too close? Well, NMF would be that group of guards, keeping the fans (water) to stay back behind the rope ( inside the horny layer).



So, “Natural moisturizing Factors” a.k.a NMF gives a protective barrier against surface hydration loss. What does NMF contain? – a mixed complex of water-soluble low molecular weight substances, present in our skin. So what does this product do? It contains those same components we already have in our skin and tries to help reconstructing the skins’ own NMF.

The components in this product are:  Amino acids,triglycerides, urea, ceramides, phospholipids, glycerin, saccharides, sodium PCA and hyaluronic acid. Most of these ingredients are used in products especially designed for dry skin or in products that are supposed to be used in places that are environmentally very dry.

Our skin’s NMF composition

Ingredients like Urea, Amino acids, sodium salts of PCA, are very hygroscopic – like sponge, they capture water. This way they can prevent or heal dryness, dehydration and scalling by moisturizing.

 *The product is silicone, alcohol, nut & oil free. It’s also vegan and cruelty-free.*

Application and impressions



So, this is a medium-thick cream, with no scent, like all of the other Ordinary products. Since it’s a bit thicker in consistency, you do need to rub it in a bit more. When it comes to the product itself, I have no complaints. Sinks in quickly, no greasy residue. It didn’t break me out, nor did I have any issues with applying it beneath my makeup. Everything runs smoothly over it.

As you know, my skin is combo, can get dehydrated in winter and it’s more on the oily side in summer. The way I used it in winter was as a sealer, meaning, as the last layer in my routine after my serums or oils at night, and my skin loved it that way.

In my opinion, this isn’t a cream strong enough to use on its own. As a sealer, it’s great for all skin types, but on its own – Only for really oily skin. Reason why I say this, is because a lot of people still don’t layer their skin care, so I’m giving them a heads up. For really dry skin I would probably recommend it after an oil, like the Squalane one. Deciem also recommends this product mainly as a form of a sealer, so I definitely agree with them on that.

Do I recommend ?


Yep :). If you’re in need of a gentle, every day moisturizer to use as a sealer, you have sensitive skin and avoid fragrance, you have really oily skin and don’t need a lot, go for it. Also a good thing about this product is that you can get the smaller tube for a tryout and if you like it, you can get the bigger tube, since you’ll probably go through the smaller tube quite fast, if you use it day & night. It’s also pretty inexpensive, coming at around 5.80 € for a 30 ml tube and at 7.70 € for the 100 ml tube, and I bought it via BeautyBay. I would personally go for the bigger tube, since the price difference isn’t that big, compared to the amount of product you get at that price difference.


Hope my review was informative enough!

Enjoy your week guys! 😊



¡ En mi blog, pueden preguntarme sobre los productos tambien en español, en la sección de comentarios – Voy a responder con mucho gusto ! 😊

Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money, all opinions are solely my own. I’m not affiliated with the mentioned brands or companies. Keep in mind I’m not a dermatologist, chemist or pharmacist. Also, what worked for my skin, won’t necessary work for yours.

For further disclaimer information, please visit my Terms & Conditions   page.



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Becca ” Glow on the Go ” Kit Review / Recenzija

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As you can tell – I’ve redesigned the website, so now I can finally get back to my writing ! Being a Gemini = sick perfectionist on the loose. I’m trying to learn a bit more about CSS and some other stuff, just to be more familiar with my blog on the tech side. I’ll also improve the quality of my pictures in the near future. Even though this is a hobby for me, I want to give my best. Hope y’all like the changes ! 😊

OK – So, let’s cut to the chase.

For the first time, I’m here with my impressions of a makeup set – An adorable highlighter kit called ” Glow on the Go” by BECCA Cosmetics.

The review is as always, divided into several segments, so feel free to skip the parts you find boring 😉 :

Zdravo ! 😁

Konačno se vraćam pisanju posle duže pauze. Blog je ujedno doživeo manje izmene u vizuelnom smislu… To vam je kada ste bolesni Blizanac perfekcionista I nemate mira dok apsolutno sve nije onako kako ste zamislili.  Iako je meni ovo lep hobi, potrudiću se da vam u skorijoj budućnosti pružim dosta kvalitetniju fotografiju. Počela sam da učim i malo o CSS-u, prosto kako bih bila više upoznata sa tehničkom stranom vođenja bloga, s obzirom da sve sama radim. Toliko o tome, nadam se da će vam se svideti predstojeće promene ! 😊

Nakon ove krajnje dosadne uvertire, prelazim na ono što vas sve najviše i interesuje. Po prvi put vam dolazim sa recenzijom jednog malog seta šminke. U pitanju je set hajlajtera pod nazivom ” Glow on the Go” australijskog brenda BECCA Cosmetics.

Recenzija je kao I uvek podeljena na nekoliko segmenata, zato slobodno preskočite šta vas ne zanima 😉 


While doing an extensive research for the perfect foundation formula, former MUA Rebecca Morrice Williams from Perth, Australia, came to an idea of a makeup brand. With the help of Steven Schapera, her CEO & business partner at the time, Becca Cosmetics was finally launched in 2001.

If you would use a word to describe the brand at the time, I’d probably say – “diversity”. Rebecca’s goal was to produce a makeup line that caters to all – women of all color, undertone and skin type. Something that wasn’t as present on the market at the time. For example, one of their first products was a foundation that covered a range of 30 shades and a concealer in 34 colors ( as I’ve read in an old interview for BeautyMarked ).

Her development team also knew for inclusivity. Members like Elizabeth Reeves, a Kenyan born Australian model and MUA, helped Rebecca understand the needs among women of color in Australia when it comes to makeup. Becca Cosmetics also had a special condition for retailers : You want to work with us ? – Sell ALL the shades. 10 shades out of 30 on your shelves ? – Bye Felicia. The company had a lot of integrity, and stood by their policy.

With years the brand grew, selling more than 350 products worldwide, with the “Shimmering Skin Perfector ” liquid highlighter as one of their first best sellers. Becca also became very popular among celebrities such as Naomi Campbell, Beyoncé, Cameron Diaz, Cate Blanchett etc..

Unfortunately, you know what they say – ” Business is Business”.

In 2012, Rebecca sold Becca Cosmetics to Luxury Brand Partners, but was still a part of the cosmetic group. The brand went through a “reinvention” process, resulting in a massive reduction of products. In 2016, Luxury Brand Partners sold Becca to conglomerate Estée Lauder. Since fall of the same year, Rebecca is no longer affiliated with the company.

Nakon višegodišnjeg istraživanja u potrazi za savršenom formulom pudera, bivši šminker Rebeka Moris Vilijams iz Perta u Australiji, donosi odluku da pokrene sopstveni brend kozmetike. Uz pomoć Stivena Šejpira, tadašnjeg poslovnog partnera, Rebeka 2001. godine uspešno lansira na tržište Becca Cosmetics. Ukoliko biste opisivali tadašnji brend jednom rečju, verovatno biste rekli -” raznolikost”. Rebeka je imala za cilj kreiranje linije dekorativne kozmetike, koja bi zadovoljila veoma širok spektar potrošača. Predstavljala bi kozmetiku za apsolutno svaki tip, boju i podton kože. U prilog tome govore i neki od njihovih prvih proizvoda : Samo puder i korektor su već u startu obuhvatali preko 30 nijansi ( kako je i sama izjavila u jednom starom intervjuu za BeautyMarked ). 

U samom razvojnom timu kompanije, takođe nije bilo ni traga isključivosti. Članovi tima, poput  šminkerke i modela Elizabete Rivs , inače Australijanke rodom iz Kenije, od velikog su značaja bili po Rebeku, pre svega u boljem upoznavanju sa potrebama žena tamnije puti u Australiji. Becca je imala i posebnu politiku, kada je bila u pitanju distribucija i rad sa maloprodajnim lancima. Svako je morao da ispuni 1 uslov – Ili prodajete SVE nijanse naših proizvoda, ili zaboravite na saradnju sa nama. Kompanija je odisala integritetom, čvrsto se držeći svojih principa. 

Tokom godina, popularnost brenda sve više raste. Raspolažu sa preko 350 proizvoda koji se uspešno prodaju širom sveta. Naravno, tu je i “Shimmering Skin Perfector ” tečni hajlajter , kao jedan od najprodavanijih proizvoda iz Becca asortimana. Među ljubiteljima njihovih proizvoda, sada su već tu i svetske zvezde poput Naomi Kembel, Bijonse, Kejt Blanšet, Kameron Dijaz itd..

Nažalost, postoji i onaj izraz – ” Biznis je biznis “.

2012. godine, Rebeka prodaje Becca Cosmetics kompaniji Luxury Brand Partners, s tim da je tada još uvek bila deo Becca grupe. Tada su usledile i određene promene, pre svega u vidu drastičnog smanjenja asortimana proizvoda. 2016. godine Luxury Brand Partners prodaje Becca Cosmetics, konglomeratu Estée Lauder . Od jeseni iste godine, Rebeka više nema nikakvog udela u radu same kompanije.


You get an adorable pearlescent cardboard box, that features 2 travel-size products : the ” Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed ” & the ” Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight “. Both are in Becca’s best-selling shade – Opal. You’re actually getting the Shimmering Skin Perfector highlighter in two forms – liquid & pressed pan. They both come in a nice plastic packaging : “Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight” comes in a lip gloss like container with a straight doe foot applicator, while the “Shimmering Skin Perfector Pressed” comes in a cute plastic compact with a small mirror. Had no issues with the packaging, the liquid highlighter’s lid seals tight, the compact won’t open easily, all in all, good quality.

With the liquid highlighter, you get 5 ml/0.17 fl. Oz of product, while the compact pressed version carries 2.4 g/0.08 Oz ( regular size compact carries 8 g). The liquid version is made in Germany and assembled in China, with a shelf life of 6 months after opening. Pressed version is made in USA, with a longer shelf life of 24 months after opening.

Kao što vidite, u okviru preslatke sedefaste kartonske kutijice, nalaze se dve mini verzije hajlajtera. U pitanju su ” Shimmering Skin Perfector ” hajlajter u kamenu, I “Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight ” , njegova tečna verzija . Oba hajlajtera su u najprodavanijoj  Becca nijansi – Opal. Proizvodi imaju finu plastičnu ambalažu, SSP Spotlight se nalazi u bočici poput sjaja za usne, sa ravnim sunđerastim aplikatorom za lakše nanošenje, dok se SSP u kamenu nalazi u malom kompaktu sa ogledalcem. Ambalaža je dobre izrade, tako da nemam zamerki – nema straha od samootvaranja kompakta, bočica se takođe čvrsto zatvara. Sve u svemu, sasvim pristojan kvalitet.

Kada je u pitanju gramaža tj. mililitraža, dobijate 5 ml tečnog hajlajtera odnosno 2,4 gr hajlajtera u kamenu ( njegovo standardno pakovanje sadrži 8gr ). Tečna verzija je napravljena u Nemačkoj i sastavljena u Kini, sa rokom trajanja od 6 meseci nakon otvaranja. Hajlajter verzija u kamenu  napravljena je u SAD-u, sa rokom trajanja od 2 godine ( 24 meseca ) nakon otvaranja.


Like I’ve mentioned it earlier, this is a highlighter set, containing the exact same SSP shade, just in two different forms – liquid and pressed powder.  Unfortunately, this set doesn’t come in every SSP shade, so for now you can only get the Shimmering Skin Perfector kit in Opal and Champagne Pop ( former collaboration shade with Jaclyn Hill ). I do hope they’ll change this, since the set is a best-seller. This fall, the company has also launched Opal and the other SSP pressed highlighters in a mini version, so hopefully this kit will also be available in other SSP shades in the near future. These are also travel-size products, so they are great for on the go.

Kao što sam već spomenula, ovo je hajlajterski set koji se u principu sastoji iz dve verzije Shimmering Skin Perfector-a : tečne i u kamenu. Set je za sada nažalost samo dostupan u nijansi Opal i odnedavno u nijansi Champagne Pop ( nekadašnja kolaboracija sa Džeklin Hil) . Zaista se nadam da će se set uskoro pojaviti i u ostalim SSP nijansama, s obzirom da je jedan od njihovih najprodavanijih proizvoda. Becca je inače ove jeseni lansirala i mini verzije svih nijansi SSP hajlajtera, tako da realizacija i ovih setova u svim SSP nijansama nije nemoguća. Ovo su inače putne verzije proizvoda, tako da ih lako možete nositi sa sobom.


The products can be used just as every highlighter – to accentuate the high-points of the face. You could use them on your cheeks, nose bridge or Cupid’s bow. The pressed version can also be used all over the lid as an eye shadow, in the inner corners, or under the brow bone .  

Fun tip : Every person should know how to highlight there own face in according to their face shape and features. Take a mirror and go to a source of light ( window, indoor lights etc) after you put on your most greasy face product – e.g a face oil or cream. While moving your head around, you’ll see where the light hits your face. That way you’ll get those perfect and unique highlighting spots. 😊

Oba proizvoda možete koristiti naravno kao i svaki hajlajter – prvenstveno da naglasite visoke tačke na licu. Možete ih koristiti na jagodičnoj kosti, mostu nosa ili iznad gornje usne. Verzija u kamenu je odlična i kao senka preko celog kapka, ili za hajlajtovanje ispod obrve i u unutrašnjim uglovima očiju.

Zabavni trik : Kako biste znali kako da hajlajtujete svoje lice u skladu sa njegovim oblikom i crtama – Nanesite najmasniji proizvod koji imate, tipa neko ulje, serum ili hidratantnu kremu. Uzmite ogledalo i ispred nekog izvora svetlosti ( kod prozora, ispred nekog osvetljenja), pomeranjem glave, videćete koja su najbolja mesta za hajlajtovanje isključivo vašeg lica. 😊


When describing this highlighter’s shade, I’d say that this is a more warm, peachy – dusty rose color, with some subtle gold shimmer in it. The ingredients are very finely mild, don’t appear chunky or glittery on the skin. The liquid version is on the thicker side, with a slight powdery scent. They both don’t accentuate the skin’s texture like some other highlighters. You can use whatever brush you’d like with the pressed version, and it works great with both natural and synthetic bristles. For example, a fan brush, or a more fluffy, less dense blending brush, whatever you prefer. With the liquid form, I stick to my fingers. Just dab a few dots of the SSP onto the skin and blend them out with your ring finger.

The products can be applied in a dramatic or a more subtle way, giving the face a nice, healthy, glow. You could use each product on its own, or both of them together. Pretty much, it just depends on the intensity/impact you want to achieve.

When it comes to the intensity, I’d say that the liquid form can be a bit less intense than the pressed – since you can shear it out with your fingers, so it’s perfect for daytime. If you would use them together, the pressed version adheres perfectly onto the liquid form. This way you’ll amplify the intensity of the shade. When it comes to the longevity, had no issues with them rubbing off easily, pretty good wear, and if you use them on top of each other, the highlighter is practically sealed.

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight in Opal

Shimmering Skin Perfector pressed highlighter in Opal

Pressed Highlighter with the Shimmering Skin Perfector Spotlight underneath.
As you can see, the Spotlight amplifies the highlighter's intensity & undertone.

Što se tiče same Opal nijanse, opisala bih je kao jednu toplu, breskva – prljavo roze nijansu, sa diskretnim šimerom. Kvalitet izrade hajlajtera je odličan, šimer ne deluje krupno niti previše upadljivo. Tečna verzija je malo gušća, blagog puderastog mirisa. Hajlajteri takođe ne ističu puno teksturu kože. Podjednako se ponaša kao sa prirodnim tako i sa sintetičkim četkicama.

Možete koristiti koju god četkicu želite, kako klasičnu lepeza tako i neke ređe gustine četkice za blendiranje. Izbor je apsolutno na vama. Što se tiče tečne verzije, tu se lično držim prstiju. Prosto nanesete nekoliko kapi hajlajtera na kožu i domalim prstom jednostavno utapkate proizvod da se stopi sa podlogom. Sa oba proizvoda možete postići kako suptilniju dnevnu, tako i dramatičniju, večernju, varijantu hajlajtovanja. Hajlajtere možete koristiti kako svaki pojedinačno, tako i zajedno. Sve zavisi kakav efekat želite da postignete.

Što se tiče njihovih intenziteta, smatram tečnu verziju malo slabijom, ali savršenom za neku dnevnu varijantu. Ukoliko biste ih koristili zajedno, hajlajter u kamenu odlično prianja na tečnu formulu. Na ovaj način ćete prosto pojačati intezitet hajlajtera na maksimum. Što se tiče trajnosti, vrlo su postojani, a ukoliko ih kombinujete zajedno, bukvalno ste zacementirali svoj hajlajter.


When it comes to the ingredients, these products do contain things like : talc, parabens, silicone, mineral oil, carmine and parfum. So if your skin has issues with some of the ingredients, you could skip these products. I personally had no issues with them, but again – my skin is not sensitive. This is also a cruelty-free brand ( though not vegan, since it does contain carmine). Do keep in mind that some of their other products are paraben-free, so formulations do vary and they also often reformulate (E.g as you can see, the Pressed version is paraben-free ).

Što se tiče samog sastava, oba proizvoda sadrže sastojke poput : talka, parabena, silikona, mineralnog ulja, parfema i karmina (pigment). Prema tome, ukoliko zaobilazite neke od ovih sastojaka, možete ih i preskočiti. Ja lično nisam imala nekakvih problema prilikom njihove upotrebe, ali opet moja koža nije ni osetljiva. Ovo je cruelty-free brend ( mada ne i veganski zbog karmina ). Imajte na umu da su mnogi Becca proizvodi bez parabena, tako da formule dosta variraju od proizvoda do proizvoda, a ujedno često vrše i reformulacije (npr. kao što vidite, hajlajter verzija u kamenu ima formulu bez parabena ).

                                                                   THE SSP OPAL – PRESSED VERSION

Important note : Use these charts made via COSDNA’s website more as to see if the product contains any ingredients to which you’re allergic and/or – you prefer to avoid from using (comedogenic reason etc.). They’ll be a post regarding ingredients and safety stuff, how it can all vary, since I’ve seen ppl going cray cray over things that are considered “toxic” and going just “all natural”, about what I’ve learned, my point of view, etc.




I think that for the first time with a product – I really can’t find any issues. It really is a lovely highlighter in both forms. 

Mislim da je ovo prvi put da apsolutno nemam zamerki. Zaista je divan hajlajter, kako u presovanoj tako i u tečnoj verziji.


Absolutely ! The highlighter is just wonderful, great for day & night. Plus – the kit is also very reasonably priced when you look at the brand, so you should most definitely try it out ! Since Christmas is around the corner, I would also suggest this as a lovely stocking filler, or in general, a really nice gift if you’re on a budget. I bought mine in Prague at Sephora, for the retail price of 520Kč ( around 20,34 euros / 23,73 $ ). For this holiday season, the kit is also available in “Moonstone” and ” Rose Gold ” so you can pick and choose. 

Well, that’s it for my review ! I hope you liked it ! Until my next post, enjoy your weekend guys ! 😊

Apsolutno ! Divan hajlajter, kako za neku dnevnu, tako i večernju varijantu. Cena samog seta je takođe vrlo pristupačna s obzirom da je ovo brend višeg cenovnog ranga. Zaista imate toplu preporuku od mene kada je u pitanju ovaj hajlajter. S obzirom da nam uskoro stižu i praznici, ovaj set je odličan primer Božićnog poklona, pogotovu ukoliko ste na budžetu. Set sam kupila u Pragu u jednoj od Sephora, po ceni od 520 čeških kruna ( to je oko 20 evra, tj. 2400 dinara). Inače za predstojeće Novogodišnje i Božićne praznike, Becca je ove jeseni lansirala set u još 2 nijanse ” Moonstone” i ” Rose Gold”, tako da je izbor setova trenutno malo veći. 

Što se tiče čitatelja iz moje Srbije, a i sa ex-Yu prostora, Becca brend konačno stiže i u naše Sephora prodavnice tokom sledeće godine ( konačno se nešto pokrenulo po pitanju dovođenja brendova u Rumuniji, koja je centrala za ovaj region). 

Nadam se da vam se ova podugačka 😬😬 recenzija svidela ! Do sledećeg posta, želim vam lep vikend ! 😊



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Disclaimer : I bought these products with my own money, all opinions are solely my own. I’m not affiliated with the mentioned brands or companies. Keep in mind I’m not a dermatologist, chemist or pharmacist. Also, what worked for my skin, won’t necessary work for yours.

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