For a healthier you – Part 2

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If you’re planning on losing weight, you need two things: a measuring tape and a camera to take photos.
Get a measuring tape and measure yourself – Neck, upper arm, waist, hips, thigh and calves. Track your measurements. Also, FORGET THE SCALE. Weight once, maybe twice a month. Your main goal is to lose your overall body fat percentage (lose fat) and build muscle.. It’s not about the scale number. Women focus on that quite often. A small number doesn’t always mean it’s a healthy body, nor does a higher number mean you have poor health. Reason why I’m telling you to measure yourself instead of weighting is the fact that as a woman, your weight can often fluctuate, depending on your hormones, there’s water retention etc. The second reason, that’s universal, no matter if you’re a guy or a girl, is the difference in muscle and fat tissue. Muscle is 18% more dense than fat. This means, although they weight the same, they don’t look the same. This means the muscle is less bulky and more packed, so it takes up less space under the skin than fat tissue. That’s why two people of the same gender, age, height and weight, can look completely different. Photos and measurements can really help you with seeing the results, even when the scale is still pointing at the same number.

When it comes to working out, I first started going to the gym when I was about 20,21, so back in 2008… On and off, for years, I wasn’t consistent at all. Probably one of the reasons why, was that I didn’t know what the hell I’m supposed to do there.
I was all over the place, and like every gym beginner, I myself was a ” cardio bunny” . Never thought to even try weights or any of that “guy stuff”. Thinking to myself – No way, I’ll get bulky, and I’m already short, I’ll look like a freaking cube.  I knew nothing about weight machines, not to mention macros or clean eating. I ate what I wanted, no diet changes, junk food galore, thinking to myself, I workout, It’s fine – Wrong.
There are major misconceptions :
1. As a female, you can’t get bulky from lifting. You don’t have the necessary amount of certain hormones (testosterone) to get bulky ( forget those pictures you see of female bodybuilders).

2. Diet is important, even more than working out. Don’t expect results, if you still have a poor diet. Some researches say that for females, it’s 80% diet and only 20% working out.. Maybe that’s too high, but even if it’s a lower ratio, it counts – A lot. Whenever you make progress and get one step closer to your goal, a bad diet will always take you one step back.

When it comes to my gym regime, I use a combination of HiT, low cardio and weights. My week is divided so that each day I work on a different muscle group or there’s a change in the intensity of cardio. This way your body is always active in a different way, so it can’t adapt so easily. Of course, don’t forget your rest days, the body needs some time off.

Also, there will be days when you’ll hate even looking at your gym clothes, not to mention working out, but again, keep in mind that it’s fine to feel like that. You’re just human, even the greatest athletes have their bad days.

Last winter a found a YouTube channel by a girl called  Rachel Aust, all the way from Brisbane Australia. It was a video about meal prepping as I recall. I found out (after some binge video watching) that she and her boyfriend Beau, a certified trainer, also own a gym together. What I liked about them is that they’re very down to earth, with a very realistic approach to health and fitness. They also do online coaching and have several nutrition and workout plans available online on their website  Eat Run Lift, plans for working at home or for the gym. They also have a blog, that’s very interesting and informative aswell.

The plans are great for beginners ( very affordable aswell ), you’ll learn the basics when it comes to working out, like what’s an AMR, how to properly stretch, do an exercise, basics about supplements you should take etc . Each workout plan covers from 8 weeks to 6 months of working out. The plans are very easy to use and since you get them online, you can always download them to your tablet or phone and bring them with you to the gym, just until you get a hang of it all.

I actually use one of their workout plans since march so I really do recommend them. 🙂
Another thing, since I’m a realistic person – Not everyone can afford a gym membership or a personal trainer or even such a plan. Or, they just don’t feel that comfortable going to a gym.
If you can’t afford it all or you just don’t like gyms, you still can work on a healthier you. Thanks to YouTube, there are tons of great workouts available for free that you can learn to do at home.
If you have some health issues or jumping up and down your living room isn’t possible, don’t worry, I got you covered.

My answer to you is – Walk. Walking can help you increase your BMR and burn more calories, help lower your blood glucose levels etc.
People nowadays really neglect walking. I did so myself. Why walk when I can take a bus, or get into a car and be there in 10 min. If your work/school isn’t that far away, try walking home from work on friday’s for example. Then built up from there, to two days per week and so on…If that’s not possible, on weekends, go somewhere nice and relaxing.  Find a river quay, or a nice big park, somewhere where you can take a stroll. Go there with your friends, family and chat the way, enjoying the outdoors , as you progress, change the tempo, go faster, slower, uphill, downhill, experiment. Push your body out of its comfort zone. Put on a track suit and a pair of trainers, get comfy, bring your dog and play fetch. Sit on a bike and cruse around, try jogging – the possibilities are endless.
Never forget – where there’s will, there’s always a way my friends !.

After all this fitness and nutrition stuff, I want to write about something also very important.
A few days ago, I watched an interview with one of my favorite musicians called BANKS, where she said that the body you have is your only home. That’s so true. No matter how pretty is the fasad , you need to nurture your inner quarters aswell. Watching interviews by the amazing mother-daughter duo from StyleLikeU, made me think – We all get so obsessed about our looks and how to achieve some unrealistic standards, that we start to neglect our inner selves, our aspirations, desires, passions. We forget to find our purpose in this crowded elevator that goes up and down – called life. Our society can be so pressuring and judgemental, not to mention all the media, with these perfect faces, perfect bodies, perfect lives… Please, don’t believe an illusion served on a plate. Nobody is perfect. Nothing is perfect. Do the best you can, to be above all a healthy and happy person. No matter in which dress size you achieve that. That’s what matters the most at the end of the day.  🙂

That’s it for my long post, hope it wasn’t too boring for you !


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