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¡ Holaaa ! 😀

I was thinking how I could write some smaller reviews, from time to time, maybe combined with some fun facts, just to spice things up.So, occasionally you’ll be reading ” My monthly trinkets ” reviews . Now, since it’s the beginning of november, lets start with ” My october  trinkets”.

First product that I’ve used throughout october is a well-known mascara,   Maybelline Lash Sensational mascara .


The packaging itself, nothing special or new, just their trademark shaped plastic bottle in a pearl lilac color (although it looks more rose gold in the picture).


About the product

The wand is their patented curved fan brush with 10 layers of bristles. This is supposed to help you achieve curled, thick, long lashes.
This is the Noir / Black version and it’s not a waterproof formula. It’s opthamologically tested and suitable for people who wear contact lenses.



When it comes to the product itself, this is a mascara with a more liquid formula ( it’s not as dry as some L’oreal mascaras, in comparison ). It’s also a rich, intense black, which I really like. It will take you some time to get it off, but I don’t mind that.
The product is more on the liquid side, so that you can layer a few coats. But Caution – layer them before the product sets and dries, because when it does, layering coats won’t happen, you’ll just stick the lashes together and end up looking like Betty Boop (unless you like that look ). You won’t get huge curled  lashes ( but again this depends from your own lash length) , but  it will get them more defined. Usually, I use a curler on my lashes, but for the demo I left them out, since I know some people don’t use them.


Had no issues with this mascara, works just fine, doesn’t budge /smudge. The mascara won’t flake off onto your cheeks after a few hours. I wore it in the cold and rainy Belgrade weather, for nightouts, so outdoors, indoors, you name it…It ain’t movin’ until you take it off with some cleansing balm or micelar water. The lashes don’t feel too stiff under your fingers, also a plus.


This is the COSDNA ingredients list scan:

Note : When you look at the numbers, from the acne/irritant column (index goes from 1 to 5), the lower the index, the better (less chance of breaking out). Safety index ( from 1 to 9) meaning again, the lower the number the less dangerous is considered its use. If a whole section is blank, it means there’s no data regarding that specific ingredient. This way you can also see if the product has any ingredients to which you’re allergic .


Any issues ?

I’ve noticed that after a month of using, the product isn’t as fluid as it was when I bought it. It starts drying up relatively quickly, so keep that in mind. The wand can be tricky to use on your lower lashes ( as you can see).

Do I recommend ?

Well, you won’t be disappointed. It’s nothing spectacular, but in my opinion, it’s a great everyday mascara, so give it a try. It retails for about 699 rsd (5,66 €) .


The second product is from the same brand, and it’s also one of their best-selling, award-wining products – Maybelline ” The Colossal Kajal 12h extra black “. 



A classic plastic roll on pen. This is the extra black version so it’s a black pen with a yellow cap ( the regular black version is in a yellow pen). Unlike other roll on pens, there isn’t a hidden sharpener on top.

About the product

This is the Extra black version. The product isn’t  waterproof like some other kohl pens on the market. Very soft, and highly pigmented. Anti allergic and enriched with vitamin E to nourish the delicate skin around your eyes. Claims 12h of staying power.


What can I say about this kajal… This is a true example of how depending on the skin texture, the product can act differently. On my hand, nice intense black, when it set, smudging was minimal, as you can see from the picture. Getting it off with micelar water, also very hard as it penetrated into my pores. You’d think , it must be great on the eyes… Think again.


I ran the kajal down my waterline and it left a nice trace. But after a while, the product started gathering in the outer corners of the eye, and also between my lower lashes. This kajal was all over the place. It went everywhere except staying on my waterline. It ruined my eye makeup, because everything ended up looking messy and sloppy ( not in that catwalk cool way ). When I went out, since my eyes tend to get watery from the cold and wind, you can imagine how I looked at the end of the night. Yep, like a raccoon.

On the upper eyelid it works fine if you want to use it as a base for an eyeshadow, to make the color more vivid. Eyeliner with this pen is not happening. Too soft, too thick of a liner, that you can’t sharpen. On the lower lash line if you want to darken a look and rim the eyes, it’s ok. But the reason why I bought it was to try it out on my waterline and to tight line with it so…


Unfortunately, I couldn’t find the ingredients list.

Any issues?

Too soft, bleeds, goes everywhere . Waterline no-no.  -_-

Do I recommend?

Nope. I really don’t get it how was this an award-winning kohl ??. The only good thing about it was that it was cheap (299 rsd. / 2,42 € ) so I won’t cry a river about it.

My third product is a concealer by a Serbian makeup brand, Aura ” Correct me “ liquid concealer.



Nothing fancy, a simple plastic bottle with a black cap. It has a standard slanted sponge applicator, my favorite type on a concealer, since it gives you more control over the product and makes it easy to conceal around the nose.

About the product

This product is meant to help you conceal any imperfections ranging from dark circles to blemishes. Claims it won’t dry out the skin under your eyes, or crease.



Product has the perfect consistency not too runny not too thick. This way it’s very easy to blend. Applicator is nice to work with, it’s easy to conceal dark circles, any blemishes or redness around the nose.

It doesn’t exaggerate my fine lines. It also didn’t oxidize or start to crease and look patchy during the day. The skin under my eyes didn’t feel dry, and  you can also build the coverage without it looking cakey. I’ve tried it with / without setting powder. Either way, it didn’t move.


Again, the COSDNA ingredients list scan:


The ingredients were written on the bottle, so I typed them manually ( which was a drag, 15 letter words…jesus…). That’s the one thing I don’t like about the Aura website . They don’t offer the ingredients list for their products. The formula seems to be unique, no matches in the database.

Any issues?

Can’t think of any, really. I was actually quite surprised with this product, it’s probably the best find from all of my october trinkets.

Do I recommend?

Yes, all in all, for the price of just 436 rsd (3,54 € ) it’s a good concealer.

Note : all pictures were done in Super Macro mode and no editing… So, sorry for the pore attack . 😀

Now for some fun facts ! 🙂

Kajal – The same thing as Kohl. When it’s in a powder form , it’s called Surma. Probably one of the oldest cosmetic products , since it was much-loved my man , woman and children all across Asia and Africa, even in the Ancient times. Not only was it used for beautification, but also as a way to fight off curses, protect the eyes from sun rays and various infections. The ingredients themselves changed throughout the centuries, as one of the main ingredients ” galena” ( lead ), was found  to be very poisonous. 


Page from a book I own, by Lucia Gahlin ” Ancient Egypt – Gods, Myths and Religion “

Mascara – To this day, people don’t know where this term comes from. It’s presumed it comes from the spanish word ” máscara “, meaning “mask”. In Ancient Egypt it was pretty much surma mixed with honey and other nourishing oils. The form of mascara that we know now, was invented in  19th century Europe by ” The prince of perfumes”, chemist Eugene Rimmel ( yep, the “Rimmel” company ). Later on, a similar form of mascara was invented in the USA by Tom Williams, making a lash-in-brow product, named after his sister Maybel (later on, the company was actually named after her : Maybel-line ).

That’ it for my trinkets reviews !

Until my next post, have a wonderful week ! 🙂



En mi blog, pueden preguntarme sobre los productos tambien en español, en la sección de comentarios – Voy a responder con mucho gusto ! 😊

DISCLAIMER : I’m not affiliated with these brands. I’ve purchased all of these products with my own money. All opinions are solely my own. I’m also not e.g. a dermatologist, therefore, if you have any concerns regarding these products, please consult a doctor at your local health center.


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      Me too, probably the first Maybelline mascara I really like ( wasn’t a fan of the Colossal yellow or pink, didn’t like the formula, too fluid ). My fav drugstore mascaras were always by L’oreal 😀 ( even though they’re a bit dry in my opinion ). 🙂

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