Babyliss Curl Secret Review

Since the holiday season is just around the corner, people are starting to think about presents for their loved ones. This is also the time of year when people tend to splurge, spending on more expensive items, ranging from skin care and makeup, to a variety of hair and beauty tools.

For that reason, in this post I’ll be reviewing the Babyliss Curl Secret styler. I hope that this review can help you if you considered it as a gift for that special someone in your life.



  1. Packaging, appearance and about the styler


This hair tool comes in a hard cardboard box, securely packaged (unfortunately, I threw the box, so I don’t have the box picture).  The curler is in a dark purple & silver color, completely made of plastic (very sturdy though, feels good quality not cheap). Inside the box you also get a small plastic tool, that’s used to clean the ceramic chamber. The curler has a 2,5m swivel cable, making it very easy to use.

I bought mine in Hungary last summer at the MediaMarkt store during a Babyliss promotion, for the price of 29,989 ft. about 100 € ( in Hungary it’s now between 35,000-40,000 ft. or 116-133 € depending on the store, and in Serbia, about 16,000 rsd or around 133 €). The Babyliss brand is finally available in Serbia since spring.

The product has a 3 year international warranty, which is great.

This is the classic version, there is a PRO version of the curler (meant for professional hair salons, didn’t see it in regular stores). The difference between them is that the Pro version is in black, and it has some extra functions, e.g. – you can choose the curl direction (inwards, outwards or alternate), there’s a ” No timing ” option, and you have a lower temperature option at 190°c (there’s a difference in price of course).




  1. How it works


The lower part of the tool is a ceramic chamber, whilst the connected upper handle is the lid. By positioning a hair section between them (no bigger than 3 cm) and closing the handles together, the auto curl technology of the tool, automatically draws the lock into the chamber. Depending on the timer (8, 10 or 12 seconds) and heat settings (210°C or 230 °C) when you hear the continuous bleeping sound, you release the styler handles, revealing a perfect, shiny, frizz free curl (thanks to an ionic generator in the chamber) .




The styler is pretty silent, there’s a mild buzzing sound, but that’s from the ionic generator releasing the ions, so that’s normal. If you use a heat protectant (use it always) or any other hair product, there can be some steam, but again that’s fine.

The 210°C heat setting is for people with fine, lightened or damaged hair. The 230°C is for normal, thick, wavy, curly and colored hair.

When you turn the styler on, the LED light will start to flash. When the tool reaches the desired temperature setting, it will stop flashing. Always have the chamber opening pointing towards your scalp. If you put it the wrong way, the tool will register this, notify you by bleeping and automatically stop. If you put a section too big, it will again notify you with continuous bleeping and it will start to unwind. This system is really fantastic, prevents hair tangling in every possible way.



When it comes to the curls themselves ( which are made in an alternate mode: inwards & outwards) :

8 seconds (3  beeps) = loose waves,

10 seconds (4 beeps) = soft curls,

12 seconds (5 beeps) = defined curls.




If the styler isn’t used for more than 20 min, the temperature will automatically drop to 150 degrees. By closing the handles it will heat back on.

If you left in On for more than 60 min. without using it, it will automatically turn off ( you won’t be able to burn your house down, that’s a plus ! 😀 ).

They really thought of it all.


  1. Results

You get fantastic, long-lasting curls. The curls that I get with this tool, last me literally till I wash my hair. (For detailed information about my hair type, check out my Facts page). Do keep in mind that my hair is pretty easy to style, but even with my mom’s hair that’s very hard to style, the curls also lasted a very long time.

This is how I style my hair, when I use the styler. This is 10 sec/210 degrees were actually enough . ( Didn’t pout people, I swear it’s the angle  😀 )
  1. Issues / Impressions
  • The only real issue that I’ve found since I got it, is the fact that there ain’t a lock (like on some hair straighteners). You can’t close it, so the tool is always open. This way I find it very fragile, flimsy, and easy to break. Not to mention, not travel friendly. For the price – again, there should be a lock.
  • It’s a little bit heavy for a tool, but with time, you get a hang of it.
  • Pretty impressed with the “no tangle” system of the chamber, so no need to be afraid you’ll end up with missing hair locks.
  • Maybe not the best tool for woman with very long hair ( > waist length e.g.). Because of the hair lock thickness limit, you’d have to make more, thinner curls (to be able to completely wind the long hair around the inner barrel ) , so it will take you some time to do your hair.
  • Ideal for medium and shoulder length hair.


  1. Do I recommend it?

Absolutely, it really makes curling your hair super easy and simple. If you want to treat yourself for the holidays or someone special, this is a great tool and I highly recommend it.


That’s it you guys ! Have a great week ! 🙂

Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving  if you’re from the United States !


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Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money, all opinions are solely my own.

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