Innisfree “It’s real Squeeze ” Sheet masks Review

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So, sheet masks are very popular in the past few years. Before that, they were only known as a skin care step in Asia, especially South Korea ( this is where they were invented, just like the cushion foundations). Now, some of you are maybe wondering: What are actually these masks? What’s their purpose? – Well, let me break it down for you now.😊

Putting it simple, sheet masks are pieces of fabric soaked in an essence/serum and cut into a shape that specifically fits a certain body part. They’re supposed to help with a skin issue to a certain extend with their first use. When it comes to the masks themselves, you can classify them into several categories:

  1. Depending on the material used for the mask: The sheets can be made out of cotton, gel/hydrogel, plant (bio) cellulose fiber, non-woven fiber, microfiber etc. Some of these materials are better (and more expensive) because they can help the skin absorb the serum better (e.g. hydrogel is considered better in “locking” moisture than cotton).
  1. Depending on their purpose: This means, what issue do they target (this depends on the essence/serum they contain). They can focus on anti-aging, brightening, soothing, fighting imperfections, hydrating, etc. The essence/serum is usually packed with different vitamins (antioxidants), acids, nourishing oils…Ingredients like vitamin C, snail mucin, hyaluronic acid, aloe Vera, tea tree oil, salicylic acid etc.
  1. Depending on what area of the body do they treat: There are sheet masks for your whole face, but also masks specifically just for your under eyes, your lips, hands or feet.

Nowadays, you can get them everywhere, the price range is very wide, depending on the sheet material, used essence/serum and of course the brand. So, without further a due, let’s start with my first review in 2017, the Innisfree „It’s real squeeze” sheet masks !.🤗

As always, I’ve divided this review into several sections:



Standard packaging when it comes to facial sheet masks – Rectangular foil lined plastic bags. Good quality packaging, pretty sturdy, they actually came in a parcel that was pretty beaten up, do to its trip from S. Korea to Suriname and then Serbia ( the parcel got missent ). None of the masks leaked, despite the parcel’s state. The bags have a little side cut near the upper rim, so you can easily open the mask. Inside, you get a folded sheet soaked in a clear liquid (essence) that doesn’t drip. The back has the instructions and ingredients list in english, making them easy to use.



After you wash your face with a cleanser, proceed with your next skin care step, in this case a toner. When your skin absorbs the toner, put the mask onto your face and leave it on for 10 to 20 minutes. After the time is up, remove the sheet mask, tapping the excess essence into the skin. I personally keep them on until they turn white (get mostly dry).

When it comes to their use, I like using them once a week, usually on the weekends, as an extra kick to my skin care ( I call it the “relax & chill ” step). Do keep in mind that the frequency of sheet mask use varies, depending on your personal preference, skin type or the issues you want to target ( some people use them every day, others once or twice a week. Again, It’s up to you). After the mask, just proceed with the rest of your skin care routine as usual.


Appearance and impression

These sheet masks are made out of triple layered artificial silk, for better essence absorption (cheaper kind, drugstore level). Each mask contains 20 ml of essence, which is in my opinion an optimal amount ( sometimes when there’s 30+ ml, the masks tend to drip, which I don’t like). It fits nicely onto the face, the sheet won’t move until you take it off. The eyes, lips and nose openings are cutout correctly (only wish the mask’s nose coverage was a little bit bigger over the nostrils). No slipping & sliding with this one, which is great. When you put it on, at first the sheet is pretty transparent, but gradually turns white as it dries. The essence has a floral, fresh scent that’s maybe a little too strong. I personally don’t mind it, but for people who are sensitive to perfume, it could cause an issue. When it comes to their performance, I was satisfied. After its use, my skin felt calm and hydrated. The skin felt a little tacky at first from the essence residue, but that goes away as you massage the excess product into the skin. The best tryout was during the holidays ( at the time I had really bad dark circles and dull skin with some red patches, due to the lack of sleep, exhaustion and being sick for 2 weeks ). These sheet masks made my skin look refreshed, calmed and my dark circles less noticeable. I always give my mom to try out such products on herself, so she lets me know her impressions as well (she’s turning 60 this year, olive skin tone, aged skin, no known skin irritants). She really liked them (and, she’s very picky).



The masks contain Innisfree’s “Jeju green complex”, so the essence is packed with green tea, tangerine, cactus, orchid and camellia leaves extract (plants well-known for their hydrating and soothing properties).

One of the ingredients is also Torreya/ Bija seed oil. It’s claimed that it helps with calming the skin, helping with imperfections such as blemishes. To be honest, I rarely get blemishes, so I can’t judge these sheet masks when it comes to that claim. (For more details about my skin, check out my Facts page).

Here’s the COSDNA ingredients list:
Note : This way you can see if the product has any ingredients to which you’re allergic .


Even though they contain alcohols (e.g. the “alcohol”…like, which one ppl? 😒  ). Now, they didn’t dry out or irritate my skin ( though you can smell the alcohol a bit, besides the perfume). So keep this in mind if you’re sensitive to alcohol .

Do I recommend?

I’m not extremely impressed, but I’m also not disappointed. I would say they’re average when it comes to sheet masks. I ordered mine online from Jolse, in a pack of 3 masks for about 4$ (Innisfree ships to Serbia as well). They’re really inexpensive, so you can pamper your skin quite often. Also, they have different types of masks (with tea tree, manuka honey, bamboo extract, acai berry etc.) each targeting a different issue, so you can pick and choose.

Now, are they the best on the market? -No. For that, look for Leaders, Dr. Jart+, Belif, Sum:37, SK-II, Sulwhasoo, etc. (will be trying out some of these real soon, so keep an eye for more sheet mask reviews). Would I buy these again? Yes, but a different type from the same line, just to change things up.

✴✴ For an extra refreshing feel – put them into the fridge, 10 to 15 min before use.

Bottom line, for a beginner, if you’re just starting to get into sheet masks (& you don’t have issues with alcohol or perfume) and you’re on a budget, start from here and give them a try. 😉

That’s it ! I hope you liked my review !

Have a great week ! 🙂

Belgrade Pixie
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Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money, all opinions are solely my own. I’m not affiliated with the mentioned brands or companies. Keep in mind I’m not a dermatologist, chemist or pharmacist. Also, what worked for my skin, won’t necessary work for yours.

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