Lip Balm Battle Smackdown !

Winter is in its full swing and with shoveling snow, wearing layers upon layers, freezing cold and icy streets, heating issues and flu epidemic, the most annoying thing about winter are also chapped lips. Oh yes, red, painful, cracked, smackers. 😒 To prevent or heal this issue, the easiest way is to use a lip balm or as some people call it – A chapstick. 😀 💄

Now, I’ve decided to write this post in a different form than my usual, so instead of a standard lip balm review, this will be a cross comparison between two pairs of lip balms, based on the following criteria : color, texture and nourishing properties .

So let the Lip balm battle begin! 🙌 (boxing ring bell goes of)

The first ring match is :


Maybelline BABY LIPS, DR. RESCUE (JUST PEACHY) lip balm



These are tinted lip balms, a hybrid between a lip balm and a lipstick. On one side they’re supposed to provide the necessary nourishment of a balm and on the other, color to the lips as a lipstick .


As you can see, they both come in a plastic bullet. When it comes to the quality of packaging, Korres definitely has a bullet made out of better quality plastic, the cap also feels more tight and secure than on the Maybelline lip balm.

Impressions & Application

Now, these balms are by no means a lipstick replacement. They only provide a slight hue, Maybelline a more peachy beige and Korres a more rosy coral tint. When it comes to fragrance, Maybelline has a strong minty scent, while the Korres has a more subtle, powdery floral scent. When you lick your lips, Korres leaves no taste, while Maybelline leaves a minty taste with a slight tingling/cooling sensation. Both of them have a glossy finish. If we’re talking about the application, this is where you’ll see the real difference…

Both glide on very smoothly, but the products themselves, act differently on the lips.


Maybelline balm – The texture is very lightweight, color payoff is good, but it’s very uneven and streaky. The product settles in fine lines and clings to dry patches, emphasizing the scaly skin even more. Doesn’t stay in place, if you put your lips together, the product will move around, and everything will look very messy. When it comes to helping the lips with hydration and calming, it’s ok, nothing wow… The color is maybe a little too light for some skin tones.

Maybelline is very streaky and clings to the skin, even on the back of my hand… (Super macro mode)

Korres – Again, a very lightweight texture, color payoff is good, but unlike the Maybelline, this product goes on evenly. It doesn’t set in fine lines, nor does it emphasize scaliness of the skin. Stays in place, doesn’t move around. Really comfortable to wear, giving you fresh, healthy, rosy lips.

When it comes to the nourishing part, Korres is better at leaving the lips hydrated, soothed and plumped. Any feeling of pain or discomfort will be replaced with relief in no time.

Staying power ( if you drink or eat something after applying the balms) is better with Korres. The lip balm penetrates into the skin better, keeping it well protected and supple, so you don’t need to reapply the product as often. Maybelline on the other hand will wash off more easily .

Other characteristics :

Maybelline lip balm –

Made in France, shelf life 24 months after opening.

Retail price : 230 rsd (varies in Serbia ) or about 5 bucks.

The COSDNA ingredients list scan :

Note : This way you can see if the product has any ingredients to which you’re allergic .


As you can see, contains petroleum.. Petroleum locks in the moisture, some people like me, have the tendency to breakout from it, so you can easily avoid it (this is my personal opinion and experience, and yes – I’m aware of different studies, at the end , it’s a matter of personal preference really ).

Korres lip balm –

Made in Italy for Korres, shelf life 24 months after opening.

Retail price 3,80 – 4,80€ (Greece).

Now, since this is their newest collection, I couldn’t find the ingredients list online and I tossed the plastic wrap ( I contacted Korres and they said they’ll send it to me, so I’ll insert the list later on. Also, they’re not available outside of Greece yet ). Now, I presume that the ingredients are very similar to their standard Mandarin collection ( Probably only a slight difference with the plant extracts combo.

** This balm is a beautiful mixture of hibiscus extract and several very nourishing natural oils ( jojoba, almond, sesame, sunflower and castor seed) and waxes (beeswax, candellila & carnauba). Thanks to antioxidants, good fatty acids and omega-3, the skin can easily recover and stay hydrated and supple.**.

I’ve loved the Mandarin balms for years, and I can tell you that the Care & Color line is almost identical to it when it comes to color payoff, texture, nourishing properties and staying power. This is a natural skin care brand, their products are paraben, paraffin (mineral oil), ethanolamine, propylene glycol & silicone free. Also, they use natural colors and everything is dermatologically tested. ( The Mandarin collection is available online ).

The Mandarin collection a general ingredients list :


And the winner is…

KORRES! Far better when it comes to application, appearance, ingredients list, hydrating capability and staying power.

Our next match is between :



KOOZMETIK LIP BALM L ( Vanilla – Coconut )


In both cases you have a classic chapstick packaging, quality of the plastic is pretty much the same.

Unlike our first pair, these are colorless or “clear “ lip balms. The Carmex balm has a yellow undertone, while Koozmetik is creamy white. Nevertheless, both of them go on transparent.


Application and Impressions

Let me start with Carmex…Hm, the smell… One word – yuck. It’s a weird mixture of a sweet, minty, citrusy scent, that’s also very artificial. In my opinion, this doesn’t smell, it reeks !

To be honest, this is by far the worst lip balm I have ever tried. Ever!. The texture is pretty dry and waxy, doesn’t glide on as smoothly as the rest. On the other hand, the Koozmetik balm has a nice subtle sweet vanilla and coconut smell, a very rich and creamy texture, glides on like butter. The scent is very mild and lovely (doesn’t hurt my brain like Carmex) . Both of them have no taste.

When it comes to hydrating properties of the balms, Carmex does absolutely nothing for me, it’s like a weird waxy ointment that sits on top of the skin. Staying power is also poor. Unlike Carmex, the Koozmetik balm is very nourishing, leaves my lips soft and hydrated, great staying power.

Other characteristics :

Carmex – Shelf life 12 months / made in USA/ spf 15.

Retail price : I bought it in Hungary for about 3 € I think.

The ingredients list as usual :


As you can see, paraffin (petrolatum) again… Also, do you see all this fragrance ?. I can tolerate some ingredients in a product to a certain extend, but I don’t like this combo… Probably the worst list I have ever seen in a lip balm I’ve tried… A lot of strong irritants for some people (again, to each their own).

Koozmetik lip balm L – Shelf life 6 months, made in Serbia, no Spf.

Price : 325 rsd or 3,50 €

The ingredients list :


As you can see, the cleanest and shortest list of all. You know exactly what you’re putting onto your lips, no need for chemistry lessons here. 🙂

And the winner is…

KOOZMETIK ! Carmex literally had no chance.

The mentioned winner lip balms unfortunately don’t have an SPF ( Koozmetik is a new brand on the market, and they said they’re working on some new formulas right now). Since SPF is such an important part of our daily skin care routine, and our lips also need Sun protection, I’ve incorporated a list with some of my all-time favorite lip balms, that you should definitely try out :

  1. Korres Mandarin collection lip balm SPF 15 ( as mentioned before)
  2. Apivita Lip Care SPF 15 (I’ve done a review of this balm last year, so you can check it out here )
  3. Apivita PROPOLINE balms ( I think they’re only available in Greece) SPF 20

Other favs that are without an SPF :

  1. La Roche Posay Cicaplast Levres, barrier repairing balm
  2. The Body Shop lip butters

Also, some Lip balms I most definitely do not recommend :

Nivea ” Labello ” balms – Tried a lot of them in the past, and they do nothing for my lips, more of a dry texture, not nourishing enough, also have ingredients that can be easily avoided in a lip balm like alcohol (do keep in mind not all are bad ), paraffin, wrong kind of fragrances etc.

And to finish off with this post, what more can I say, natural lip balms dominate in this heavyweight category ! ( I like boxing, OK? :D)

Until my next post, have a great week folks!


En mi blog, pueden preguntarme sobre los productos tambien en español, en la sección de comentarios – Voy a responder con mucho gusto ! 😊
Disclaimer : I bought these products with my own money, all opinions are solely my own. I’m not affiliated with the mentioned brands or companies. Keep in mind I’m not a dermatologist, chemist or pharmacist. Also, what worked for my skin, won’t necessary work for yours.

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