Eucerin DermatoClean refreshing cleansing gel Review

As promised, and since I’m not sick anymore, I sat down and wrote a new review! 🙌 This time it’s about an all-time favorite of mine,  the Eucerin DermatoClean refreshing cleansing gel.

As usual, I’ve divided the review into several sections :


Nothing fancy, just a sturdy white 200 ml plastic bottle with a press top (a.k.a disc lid). Pretty secure, I’ve traveled with it and it never opened or leaked.

About the product / ingredients

This cleanser is targeted at normal to combination skin with a very mild formula, so it’s suitable for sensitive skin. You won’t find parabens, alcohols, fragrance or colorants in this cleanser. Even though my skin isn’t sensitive, I like such products, because by avoiding harsher ingredients, they don’t strip the skin with regular use. The product itself is a clear gel, with a more sticky, thicker, consistency .


The ingredients list scan :

Note : This way you can see if the product has any ingredients to which you’re allergic .


Application & impressions

Like with every cleanser, you apply it on damp face and in circular motion, gently massage the product into the skin, rinsing it off with luke water . The product doesn’t lather, it actually turns milky as it collides with water (this is great, and I’ll explain why, later in the post). Leaves no residue and the skin doesn’t feel tight or dry. The cleanser is very mild, so it’s perfect for your morning routine. If you would use it at night-time, this is a perfect second cleanse step, after you remove your makeup ( for that you can use micellar water, cleansing balms etc., depends on your personal preference, really).

Formula is packed with hyaluronic acid, gluco-glycerol and an APG complex ( they used glucoside sufractants unlike most cleansers with anionic sufractants, these are more mild, that’s also why the product doesn’t lather ). In general with this combo, I can say it’s great for dehydrated skin and fighting off first signs of age .  


Do I recommend?

Absolutely!  The product is mild yet effective, and great for people who can’t stand perfumes or alcohol in products. Retail price is about 10 euros,  so it’s also budget friendly. I switch up my cleansers quite often, but this is a cleanser I gladly go back to, when I don’t feel like trying something new… So go check it out,  you won’t be disappointed!



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Disclaimer : I bought this product with my own money, all opinions are solely my own. I’m not affiliated with the mentioned brands or companies. Keep in mind I’m not a dermatologist, chemist or pharmacist. Also, what worked for my skin, won’t necessary work for yours.

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