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After a month of testing, I’ve decided to start  my “Deciem series” , so in the upcoming weeks,  you’ll be reading several reviews of their products, starting with the first –  The Ordinary  “ Hyaluronic acid 2% + B5 “.

But, before I post my first review,  I wanted to write a small intro regarding Deciem itself. So, this is a Canadian, Toronto based corporate umbrella,  founded by Brandon Truaxe in 2013. The name originates from the Latin word “ decima”,  meaning “ 10 in a sequence”, which perfectly suits this masterbrand, since it has more than 10 brands under its wing. This includes : Grow Gorgeous ( now sold), The Ordinary,  Niod,  Hylamide,  The chemistry brand, Stemm, Fountain, HIF,  White Rx and Ab crew (with more brands in the making as we speak).

Now,  you must be wondering : How does this  system work? Well,  putting it simple, the brands share the same resources, meaning, the same labs, production facilities, employees,  stores etc., all of course,  provided by Deciem.

Unlike a lot of brands, they actually produce their own products, including skin care, hair care (from hand creams to shampoos & beard grooming products), supplements and even makeup ( for now, only primers and foundations ).

Depending on the brand, the price range is also very wide, ranging from 4,90 € to 160 € (5,20 $ – 171$ /drugstore to high-end) so you could say – there’s something for everyone.

Deciem has a new,  “honest” approach , when it comes to the beauty industry. They say that people are constantly being fooled by skin care companies. Situations, where a person pays hundreds of dollars for a mediocre fancy packaged product, that actually costs less than 15 bucks to produce, are ludicrous. You could say, a lot of brands are like con artists, tricking you into thinking you’re getting a miracle in a bottle – at a hella high price.

Everything they do or say, is perfectly in accordance  with their slogan : “ Clinical formulations with integrity “.  Some products cost barely a buck to make,  so when you pay 5 bucks for a serum, that’s all the expenses + profit for them, all wrapped up in that small price tag. Cool, right? No bullsh*t,  no price tags as if you’re paying for a cream with dragon’s milk,  that erases wrinkles at a blink of an eye (God, I’d suck at advertising…) .

Their products are free from paraben, mineral oil, sulphates, animal oils, mercury, methylchloroisothiazolinone, methylisothiazolinone, benzalkonium chloride, coal-tar dyes, formaldehyde and oxybenzone ( Jesus, writing some of these down was a pain 🙄 ). They also don’t test on animals, so they’re a cruelty-free company, with all the products made in Canada.

Interesting fact : Their company policy is not to hire people who used to work in the beauty industry – They’re allergic to them. Haha, See? 😬 I made a joke there  (and the crowd goes 🙄… 😁 ) .




So, is this just a good marketing trick, telling people what they want to hear?. Building hype around their products?. Do these products,  really give amazing results? What’s worth trying out and what’s a pass?…

You’ll find out in my upcoming reviews ! 😉



∗∗ This post is based on information that is available on the company’s official website & some interviews of their founder Brandon Truaxe.

En mi blog, pueden preguntarme sobre los productos tambien en español, en la sección de comentarios – Voy a responder con mucho gusto ! 😊

Disclaimer : I bought the products with my own money, all opinions are solely my own. I’m not affiliated with the mentioned brands or companies. Keep in mind I’m not a dermatologist, chemist or pharmacist. Also, what worked for my skin, won’t necessary work for yours.

For further disclaimer information, please visit my Terms & Conditions   page.

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