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Since a lot of you guys probably isn’t that familiar with the South Korean beauty scene, I’ve decided to write an introductory post regarding Pony Effect. This way you’ll be able to learn some interesting things about the brand and also its creator (followed by some product reviews from the makeup line in my upcoming posts). 😊

The first Holiday Collection called ” That Girl”, November 2015/Photo by Pony Effect  via Pony Effect’s Official FB Page

Pony Effect is a makeup brand launched in winter of 2015 with their first holiday collection called „That Girl“. The brand was based on a previously very successful collaboration between Memebox – one of the fastest growing beauty companies in S. Korea, and one of the most sought out for Korean self-taught makeup artists at the moment named Park Hye-Min, more commonly known by her highschool nickname as – Pony.

Makeup Artist Park Hye-Min a.k.a Pony  / Photo by Pony Effect / Via  Pony Effect’s official website

Pony has actually been in the beauty industry for quite some time. She started off almost 10 years ago, as an artistic graphic designer with a beauty blog as a hobby in her spare time. As the popularity of her blog started to rise, getting recognition for her knowledge about makeup and with the undeniable talent when it comes to her makeup skills, she decided to quit her office job and pursue her lifelong passion as a profession.


Photo by Pony Effect / Via Pony Effect’s official website

Throughout the years, she has built a name for herself, working as a celebrity makeup artist, while writing several bestseller makeup books in the process . With international fame, offers came left and right, and by now, she can proudly say that she has worked with numerous brands in the industry, ranging from Etude House & Memebox, to the renowed pioneers as Dior and Shu Uemura . Despite closing down her blog, she is still very active on social media, sharing her skills and tips through beautiful makeup tutorials on her YouTube channel, called Pony Makeup (with over 2.4 million subscribers & counting) .

As someone who has followed her work for a while now, I also wanted to write about some of the focal points when it comes to her work and approach to makeup.

If I would have to describe her work in one sentence, it would be „ Light handed strokes and subtleness“ – Now, what does this mean?. First of all, like with most Asian makeup artists, strong contouring, heavy baking & highlighting, or knife sharp eyebrows – None of these ( mostly well-known drag techniques) are present in her work. You won’t see anything overemphasized  or too heavy when it comes to her makeup style.

Just as a painter, she has a keen eye for colors, light and angles, she works on accentuating your facial features, without making you look unrecognizable. Her looks are very natural, fresh and youthful, filled with mostly pastel and earthy tones (I would describe some of her looks even as ” fairy ” like ), that can easily be transformed into a more dramatic, yet not overpowering nighttime makeup looks. She applies makeup with such an incredible ease and delicacy, basing everything on a simple mantra – Less is more. In her tutorials, she always tries to make her makeup looks as simple as possible for you to recreate them at home (You can also try her incredible celebrity transformations 😁 ).

When it comes to the products that she uses for her looks, you can see a huge variety, a lot of Asian but also European and American makeup brands, in accordance and respect to her international fan base, always mixing drugstore and high-end products. This way she shows you that you don’t necesarilly need only expensive makeup to look your very best, and it’s easier for people in different parts of the world to recreate her looks by using brands that are not only more affordable, but also more accessible. She also doesn’t empose her own makeup products in the tutorials ( like some other beauty gurus), which I also respect a lot ( Pony Effect as a brand, has a separate YouTube channel ).

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Photo by Pony Effect / Via Pony Effect’s official website

Her makeup brand is sleek, covers all the essentials you need in your makeup bag, with a pop of more boldly colors and shades, for when you feel more adventurous. Prices are I’d say mid range, but as for what I’ve tried so far – totally worth it ( for more about the products I’ve tried, you’ll have to wait for my next post 😉 ).

In general, when looking at her work, her makeup channel and website, together with all of her previous campaigns & collections, I can say that I really love her sense for aesthetics and the color combos in her work (btw, she loves purple like me 😁 ). Overall, I find her as a fantastic makeup artist and a great representative of the ever so popular S. Korean pop culture.

What more can I say ? – In my opinion, sky’s the limit for this girl, and I’m happy to continue watching her grow as an artist. 😊

Hope you liked my post ! 😊

Enjoy your week guys!

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Important Note : I have received permission from Pony Effect to use the above mentioned images .

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          Oh, that’s great ! 😊 I love her channel and also the fact that she uses subtitles, it’s much easier for us foreigners ! 😊 I like watching Edward aswell for his reviews, he cracks me up everytime. 😁 Also Eunice from Wishtrend, Joan Kim and Morgan from TheBeautyBreakdown 😊 Love the Korean aproach to skincare and makeup 💞 also, I’m kinda sick & tired of the western trends here. 😒😁

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