Belgrade Pixie

About The Blog & Lil’ Ol’ Me

Like a lot of people, I’m an avid lover of all things beauty related. With this being said, I’m a consumer like everyone else. This blog will be my way of sharing things that I find worthy or not worthy, as a part of your beauty regime & everyday life. My goal is to write such thorough reviews, that you don’t need to ask any extra questions. 😊

Why is this blog called “Belgrade pixie” ?

Well, for 2 reasons :

  1. Belgrade – I was born & raised in the capital of Serbia, so this is like an homage to my hometown. 😊 🇷🇸
  2. Pixie – I’m pretty petite ( only 5’2″/157 cm) and my whole life I’ve had nicknames based on my appearance & personality 😁, hence the “pixie” part. 😊

Now for some things about lil’ old me:

My line of work isn’t related to the beauty industry 😄.

I live for good music, ranging from bands like Free & Fleetwood Mac (dad’s influence) to Backstreet Boys (yep, I’m that old – Am I the only one?? Yeah !) , Arctic Monkeys, July Talk, Lion Babe, Charlotte OC, Banks, Ella Eyre, to Adele and Beyoncé ( aaand a lot, lot more – I could talk about music all day long 🎶🎧💞 ).

Hmmm what else, what else… I love to travel, learn languages ( studied english, spanish and russian – wish to learn italian, portuguese & greek in the future), love art , dancing, good food, gym enthusiast (a.k.a the torture facility ), curses when she feels like it’s appropriate ( stress relief 😬 ) slightly on the louder side (don’t judge – I’m a Slav 😎), and when mad – I switch into “Wednesday Adams” mode. 🕷️🕸️🥀🦇


Doctor told my parents they’re expecting a boy… Ta-da ! Surprise ! (Had my fingers in the wrong place during ultrasounds, I guess 😁).

Named after a Saint, with 🇬🇷 godparents (Thessaloniki 💕).

Like a Powerpuff Girl, I’m a mix of “sugar, spice & everything nice” – Serbian, Bosnian & Slovene ❣️

Love all kinds of green vegetables (yep, even broccoli ) & red fruit for some reason.

Fan of RuPaul’s Drag Race – Fashion photo Ruview , Alyssa’s Secret and Bro’laska on Wowpresents ( I also love Raja & Kimchi 💞 ).

I’ve Never watched GOT ( yeah, I know – 😱😱😱 ) though I’ve seen that Drogo character – because Jason Momoa is perfection 😍 .

Not a fan of chewing gum. 😝

Favorite color – purple 💜

Most importantly, I’m a goofy person as you can already tell 😁😁😁 – Life’s too short not to laugh and smile ! 😊

That’s it!. 😊 Feel free to snoop around, maybe you’ll find somethin’ interesting to read ! 😊


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