Creating a Post

Since this is a Beauty & Lifestyle blog, there will be articles regarding skin care, hair, makeup & all the other things in between. So here’s info regarding some of that good stuff 😉 :

Hair length and color : Medium, Dark Brown.

Chemically treated hair (bleached, colored, permed, Brazilian blowout, etc. ) : No.

Hair density: Medium.

Hair texture : Thin ( fine strands, prone to tangling) .

Hair pattern & category : Wavy, 2A type S.

Skin characteristics :

Combination skin type ( determined by a cosmetologist).

Typical enlarged pores in T-zone, prone to blackheads with rare hormonal breakouts. Since I’m in my early 30’s now, focused on anti-aging products.

Hooded eyelids, olive skin with a warm undertone & light to medium skin tone. Not a lot of visible wrinkles – yet 🤣 .

Most products are used in a course of 2 to 4 weeks, sometimes even longer, depending on the type of product ( e.g plain moisturizer to a treatment serum with vitamin C , or retinoid etc. ). Only exception to this rule is makeup, as we can evaluate products after several uses.

I used to post ingredient charts via COSDNA website, though not anymore, as results aren’t accurate, and I also don’t want to spread and/or feed people’s paranoia ( I’m also allergic to the word “toxic” ).

When writing posts from the “Nascence of a Brand” series, I do extensive research ( as an amateur can), with reference details at the footer, so you can also check them out.

Cameras used for taking pictures so far : An old digital Olympus summer vacation camera (2016/2017) and smartphones (it’s easy and convenient, just point & shoot ).

Photos are edited with Picsart or Google Snapseed ( yup – No PS 🤣) – all apps are available for free download at Google/Windows/App Store 📷 .

That’s it, If you have any questions, feel free to ask! 🙋‍♀️