Since this is a beauty & lifestyle blog, there will be articles about skin care, hair care and makeup. Regarding this, here is some basic information about my skin and hair.

Hair characteristics :

  1. Hair color : Dark brown .
  2. Hair length : Medium length .
  3. Chemically treated hair ( colored, permed, bleached, brazilian blowout etc. ) : No .
  4. Hair density : Between Medium & High .
  5. Hair texture : Thin ( fine strands, prone to tangling ).
  6. Hair oiliness : Combination hair .
  7. Hair porosity : Low porosity .
  8. Curl pattern : Wavy .
  9. Hair elasticity : High elasticity .
  10. Hair subcategory : 2 A / shape S .

Skin characteristics :

    • Combination skin type – determined by a cosmetologist ( oily – chin & the area around the nose / cheeks & forehead – normal to dry ).
    • More on the oily side in summer. In winter, tends to be more dry and even a bit flaky in some places.
    • Enlarged pores in the t-zone.
    • Prone to clogged pores, blackheads.
    • Occasional hormonal breakouts .
    • Uneven skin tone .
    • Till now, no known allergens, among product ingredients .
  • Since I’m in my 20’s , focused as well on anti-aging products.

Facial features, anything important regarding makeup :

  • Hooded eyelids
  • Warm skin undertone
  • Skin tone : light to medium

Every product is used in a course of 2 weeks to 4 weeks, sometimes even longer. Depending on the type of product (e.g. For a daily cleanser – 2 weeks are enough for a review, but for a product with certain ingredients/claims, e.g. a moisturizer with vitamin C – a month at least ). Only exception are products where you can write a review after just one use (e.g. makeup, makeup removers, nose strips, pimple patches, some types of sheet masks etc.) since they usually claim instant results.

Also, I don’t buy products just for the sole purpose of writing a review. Everything is used in my daily skin care routines. I love finding interesting products and experimenting – this blog is mainly a hobby for me.

Every product will have an ingredients list if possible.

The ingredient charts are made with a program on the COSDNA website.*

The main reason I use these charts is so that you can see if a product contains any ingredients to which you’re allergic ( please – don’t get obsessed with the numbers in the acne/safety index columns).

* No longer used since I don’t want to feed people’s delusions.

Random facts :

I don’t fall that easily for brands, cute/fancy packaging, YouTuber & Blogger’s influence or a price tag. I try to educate myself as much as I can, so that I can take care of my skin in the best possible way & age gracefully 😁 . Pretty much, just a chick looking for some good performance in a product. 👧

Apps used for photo editing on this blog are : Prisma, Picasa, Picsart, Picmonkey, Candy Camera and Google Snapseed – all available for free download at Windows/Google Play Store.